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  1. today lunch

  2. Music

    @4NN1H1L4710N good tune, whole playlist is nice Just ignore music video
  3. buck is name

    no siema
  4. Wall of Shame

    Here's first edition of DC wall of shame! All people are free to post their compilations. This one is made by @Gold
  5. Introduce yourself!

    lol i didn't realize we have so many new people
  6. [GIVEAWAY] Rust Account

    congratz @Remi, also thanks you @Gold! Awesome initiative
  7. Cheat for Rust Experimental is, as you all probably already know, at development stage. We can still alter whatever we want, without project-breaking changes. It's high time for you all to express your feelings and expectations. We would like to know, for instance, which GUI type you would want us to implement. Or maybe you have in mind some utilities you'd want to see? Feel free to leave your thoughts here, any suggestions will be highly appreciated!
  8. Music

  9. Dev Blog?

    I like the idea of increasing forum activity too tbh @koemeet what you think?
  10. Music

  11. Music

    @At0mik nice tune! Here's one of my favourites:
  12. Introduce yourself!

  13. Hello

    @GabeNewell gimme some spicey steam sale pls
  14. Hello

    Hey everyone