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  1. Upgrading CPU/Motherboard

    This part is on sale for a little bit, its 4 core 8-threads and can overclock to 4.5ghz which isnt half bad. EDIT: it only supports Win10 so be careful about that if that is a deal breaker.
  2. Upgrading CPU/Motherboard

    Personally, my build includes the i7 4790k and it's treated me really well. I know thats a few gens older than what youre currently shopping for, haven't been in the parts market for about a year. i7's are usually (as i'm sure you know) super reliable and not as ridiculously priced as the i9's are.
  3. What Up Boys?!

    Hi! Nice to meet you. PS it is also snowing where I live ;D where you at? I am western canada
  4. today lunch

    Noice. Me too.
  5. If you find that it is worth your time and the game gets bigger, I think Islands of Nyne would be a really cool game to have a cheat for.
  6. Introduce yourself!

  7. Introduce yourself!

    My name is James, I work at a bank and I live in West Canada. I play almost all kinds of games. My favorite are FPS and Grand Strategy. I play a lot of video games because people suck IRL and the internet is my god.