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  1. Hello Everyone

    Welcome nigger.
  2. Introduce yourself!

    Sorry i used hes pic at 4 years ago
  3. today lunch

  4. today lunch

  5. What Up Boys?!

    welcome nigger
  6. Frenchie

    Love u Frenchie .A.G is our god .
  7. Introduce yourself!

    Hey ,peeps . i am "Eternal". I am a forex trader (TA). It's so boring for me every day. I need some thing to waste my life time . I am a low-life cheater and a perfectionist. I would not play the shit-graphic game like mobile game ps4 etc. I can't play game without shit cheat or no cheat . I alway use 2 or more cheats in one game to get the best feeling . But for r6s DC is enough. This world isn't real.Your mind makes it real. The pursuit of your lifetime is a joke . You are dreaming but u never realize it . You can get satisfaction in dream. You can get satisfaction in "real world". You can get satisfaction in game with cheat . if u go outside and kill one .What should u pay for it???? That's the reason of why i use the cheat .It's cheap right???? If u have free time go to see this film "The matrix".
  8. superpower

    fov 360 Psilent aim insta-snap aim invisible noclip 3D rader Bullet teleport it means u can teleport to where u shot god mode super speed auto wall visible check auto fire auto zoom no gravity teleport the enemy to u fly mode magic bullet IN R6S
  9. What game(s) would you like us to make cheats for next?