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  1. Introduce yourself!

    Welcome James the banker.
  2. RIP Discord

    RIP Discord, was fun while it lasted. Until next time guys...
  3. Introduce yourself!

    @Skrooge Welcome man
  4. Introduce yourself!

    Welcome guys
  5. Introduce yourself!

    Welcome man
  6. superpower

    Mind control - being able to make people do anything would be cool OR The power to be able to heal people and myself, so i'd be able to make myself or others live forever
  7. PUBG players?

    I'm down to play some Pubg, pm'd buddy
  8. Islands of Nyne, Escape from Tarkov and Europa would be cool. Mainly the first 2 though.
  9. Introduce yourself!

    Thanks buddy
  10. Introduce yourself!

    Hey everyone, how's it going? The names Jav, I've been stalking the forum for a while and finally decided to make an account. I've got a few friends here in DC and I've only heard good things about your software and the community. Thought I'd hop in and join the fun I'm at school for coding, but I'm currently on a break and teaching myself Javascript, C#, C++ in the meantime. I play Pubg and RB6, but I'm way more into Pubg right now. Oh yeah, I also play Dota 2 and I'm ranked top 100 in NA. Hit me up if you want to play sometime. Looking forward to meeting you all!