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  1. Introduce yourself!

    Welcome all
  2. Pubg Speedhack exist ?

    Yes, we still got a working speedhack.
  3. Looks nice?

    Nice cup with DC branding
  4. Greetings from a Witcher.

    Welcome! The discord is currently invite only, sorry.
  5. Invite question

    The age requirement here is strict, 20+ is a must.
  6. R6S features list.

    Player ESP: Boxes (2D/3D/None) Friendly ESP Name Health Distance Bones (Skeleton) Aim Position Aimbot: Advanced Weight Target-selector Advanced configurable Smoothing System Primary Aimbone+ Key Secondary Aimbone+ Key Configurable Bone Selection: Forehead, Head, Neck, Upper Chest, Chest Radar: Advanced 2D Radar Transparency/Dot Size - Settings Misc: Ability to disable memory writing Crosshair Nospread Norecoil Name Spoofer Spinbot (yes, we got spinbot) Save Config/Load Config
  7. Vote or comment if something isnt on the list.
  8. Rust cheat

    We will most likely open it for invited people after some time, no ETA.
  9. Escape from tarkov features?

    Cheat is currently outdated.
  10. Introduce yourself!

  11. Top 10 Rappers?

    D.r Dre had a huge impact on the rapping industry and still has, also the amount of albums he produced is crazy, I personally like him as a rapper. What do you mean by no Jay-Z ? The thread title you made was top 10 rappers, not top 10 new rappers, I personally dislike 95% of the new rap songs.
  12. Top 10 Rappers?

    my opinion: 1) Nas 2) Tupac 3) Biggie 4) Eazy-E 5) Eminem 6) Jay Z 7) Rakim 8) Kendrick Lamar 9) Dr. Dre 10) Ice Cube
  13. Prices

    There is providers that sell their cheats for 500-1000$ per month and people buy it and those constantly get detected aswell. Cheating in games like PUBG, R6S, Rust is a privilege worth its price.
  14. HELP

    You need to be invited in order to purchase the cheat.