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  1. Discord servers banned

    Both our private and public Discord got banned by Discord due to them being retarded. No users have been banned by us.
  2. No PUBG on the Market

  3. We do now offer the Divine Collection to all our invited members. You get access to all our private and public cheats. Also you get exclusive access to cheats which are in early development! Cheats which gets added in the future will be included in this package without additional costs! If you already own a top-tier private cheat, you get a 499 EUR discount on the price. Buy it here (invited members only):
  4. About ban chance of PUBG

    If you don't rage hack too hard, you won't ever get banned. Videos demonstrating our cheats will be provided soon.
  5. PUBG and Siege

    Both our cheats are full multi-hacks, having an ESP, aimbot, triggerbot with high customization possibilities. It is also undetected for a very long time. FF is pretty much non-existent in Siege and in PUBG you can rage pretty hard too without catching any bans.
  6. Photo ID for application

    We do not store your personal information. It is even noted that you should hide your social security number etc.
  7. It is 39 EUR/month.
  8. Id posting.

    Any valid identification paper is fine. So a driver license will do. You can hide your social numbers etc. we do not care about that, nor are we permitted by law to store these. Siege is 39 EUR/month.
  9. Music

    For the Chosselaars:
  10. @MrRogers All points are already included
  11. Payment Options

    Right now we only support Paypal.
  12. Sup.

    Welcome my man!
  13. Maybe you've already seen it, but we now offer a way for you guys to support us in a way of donations. If you like what we do and want us to make it even better, this is how you can help with that!
  14. Launch of Divine Cheats!

    So you may be wondering when we are going to start rolling out. We are working very hard to implement different techniques to make our products extremely secure. This process is almost finished and we will start beta testing soon after! We will select a few users that will be able to participate in this. If selected, you will receive a private message with more information about this. What cheats can we expect? Our first cheat will be for the game Rust. This cheat will have a lot of features for you to use! Videos and screenshots will be available soon. We are also working on other games and have finished most of the work. These games include Rainbox Six Siege, EFT and H1Z1. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!