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    Welcome James the banker.
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    Both our private and public Discord got banned by Discord due to them being retarded. No users have been banned by us.
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    Is there going to be a new discord server or is it going to stay as invited people only? Its sad that discord is banning servers like this 😥 Maybe a solution would be to auto PM the link of the discord to everyone. This way the discord wont be shown on the site, so that might prevent it from being banned.
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    Hey are you gonna make a CSGO cheat that will work on ESEA Servers. I know it's hard cuz ESEA scans RAM
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    So you may be wondering when we are going to start rolling out. We are working very hard to implement different techniques to make our products extremely secure. This process is almost finished and we will start beta testing soon after! We will select a few users that will be able to participate in this. If selected, you will receive a private message with more information about this. What cheats can we expect? Our first cheat will be for the game Rust. This cheat will have a lot of features for you to use! Videos and screenshots will be available soon. We are also working on other games and have finished most of the work. These games include Rainbox Six Siege, EFT and H1Z1. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!