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  2. Ironsight

    Oh it is a little interesting for the game.
  3. You have to wait and I need steady patience. I wait for about one year when it is low. If you are active, you may be invited faster.
  4. Ironsight

    Hey There is a game called "Ironsight" and find it very interesting and funny! i recently played it and i really enjoyed it so i wanted to ask if the devs are maybe working on it? I think this game has a lot of potential! , Greetings <3
  5. 8700k vs 7700k?

    What u pay what u get .That's simple !
  6. 8700k vs 7700k?

    ended up with 8700k and it run great with 1080 haven't try OC it yet but im happy with the current result.
  7. Hello divine family

    yeah dream come true
  8. Any games really.
  9. 8700k vs 7700k?

    8700k is much better for long term. Just overclock it a little.
  10. R6S Hacking video :))

    R6S full of TP Hackers and that's the only one way u can beat them or it's meaningless to play
  11. R6S Hacking video :))

    I think u d better show us how teleport +pSilent aim fov 360+trigget bot or auto fire work
  12. R6S Hacking video :))

  13. Hello divine family

    i will make a lot of effort. Because of my dream is enter to divine.. It will make dram come true
  14. R6S Hacking video :))

  15. R6S Hacking video :))

    wow thats surprising~!
  16. Introduce yourself!

    hi my name is woohin and i am 27 years old. i play pubg and rs6 . nice to meet you
  17. hello divine family

    I am curious about the Divine.One I am united here is good, second,I see the adm and the members communicate whenever I see the chat room here,Third, I want to make friends with the members here ,Now I sign up and I write the forum first. I write my first greeting. Have a good day for everyone
  18. Don't know if you got an invitation? Haha, hard waiting, hope is worth it.
  19. 8700k vs 7700k?

    Same as above
  20. It's as if you were invited. lol Patience, haha Is it that the diarrhea needs to find the toilet, so it needs "patience"? Please say "wait". Hopeful things are worth waiting for. I didn’t see anyone using the DC, nor did I see related streaming media. I just heard of DC, came to this and purchased invitation tickets, waiting to be invited. Don't wait until PUBG has no player to send out more invitations. Does this "patience" make sense? .
  21. Purchased an invitation ticket for several months.

    I don't think you seem to understand the word "patience" because that's what you need if you want to get invited ever. By making this post you probably screwed yourself even more, goodjob on that one.
  22. A few months ago I purchased 2 "DC" invitation tickets and I was invited. I am looking forward to it. .
  23. Ark Windows 10

    Do you have an Ark hack that would work for the new Windows 10/Windows Store version that is able to crossplay with Xbox? That version has no anti-cheat
  24. - great place to buy rust / PUBG accounts

    Does Rust need to be played on a Russian IP? OR the restriction apply on the activation phase only?
  25. 8700k vs 7700k?

  26. 8700k vs 7700k?

    it has been 5 years since i last build a PC and now I am in the process of building a new pc. what do you guys recommend? expecting it to last at least 5 years until i upgrade again.
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