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  4. - great place to buy rust / PUBG accounts

    Does Rust need to be played on a Russian IP? OR the restriction apply on the activation phase only?
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  6. 8700k vs 7700k?

  7. 8700k vs 7700k?

    it has been 5 years since i last build a PC and now I am in the process of building a new pc. what do you guys recommend? expecting it to last at least 5 years until i upgrade again.
  8. call of duty black ops 4 , since it will have battleroyale DayZ 0.63
  9. Hello Everyone

    ok coo
  10. How cute is frenchy's dog

    you sick
  11. How cute is frenchy's dog

    I cant turn this into a poll but cooment how cute frenchys dog is. His discord pp is his dog btw. Options Cute as fuck Would Die for Nigger would steal it Sexy would fuck.
  12. fortnite please
  13. Introduce yourself!

    hi,I am a hitter ,I come from China,I usually play PUBG and CSGO,i glad can join this community
  14. Introduce yourself!

    Hello, I am currently a college grad school student in computer engineering at Texas A&M. Oh and I like video games
  15. Introduce yourself!

    hello guys! My name is Jay, im 20 year old. i like pubg so much, i played almost everyday and all night long. Im from UK and i work at KFC shop. Nice to meet you all and i hope you get what you want.
  16. Future BF1 cheat

    Hello, I'm new to the forum and just wondering some things about the upcoming BF1 cheat. 1.Which features can we exepct? Aimbot that compensates for movement, ESP, etc. 2. How much will it cost and which type of plan will it be? 1 month, 3 month, lifetime?
  17. Upgrading CPU/Motherboard

    Definitely a decent cpu but the i7-8700k is only about $30 more and a much better cpu as it can overclock better and has 2 more cores.
  18. Upgrading CPU/Motherboard

    This part is on sale for a little bit, its 4 core 8-threads and can overclock to 4.5ghz which isnt half bad. EDIT: it only supports Win10 so be careful about that if that is a deal breaker.
  19. Upgrading CPU/Motherboard

    Personally, my build includes the i7 4790k and it's treated me really well. I know thats a few gens older than what youre currently shopping for, haven't been in the parts market for about a year. i7's are usually (as i'm sure you know) super reliable and not as ridiculously priced as the i9's are.
  20. Upgrading CPU/Motherboard

    I was looking at that and might actually get it.
  21. Upgrading CPU/Motherboard

    I recommend the i7-8700k
  22. Upgrading CPU/Motherboard

    Want to upgrade to a better CPU and motherboard. Currently have the i7-3820 @ 3.60GHz and want to get something more up to date and able to handle more processing. Looking for a 6+ core cpu. Any recommendations would be awesome.
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