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  6. today lunch

    Noice. Me too.
  7. today lunch

  8. today lunch

    ding dong
  9. Frenchie

  10. Frenchie

    U SHOULD buy a frenchie tho. bulldog
  11. Favorite YouTuber?

  12. Introduce yourself!

    Hey all, I'm Erik I've been primarily been Playing PUBG but, all games like Subnautica, and 7 days to die. I've heard great things from the Devs over at LP about Divine and with finger crossed, join the community and the products provided!
  13. Frenchie

    dog is cuuuuuuute
  14. Frenchie

    Love u Frenchie .A.G is our god .
  15. What game(s) would you like us to make cheats for next?

    i have been thinking about this for a while but what about dead by daylight such a fun game to play with friends and to no end enjoy testing chairs on
  16. Introduce yourself!

    Hey ,peeps . i am "Eternal". I am a forex trader (TA). It's so boring for me every day. I need some thing to waste my life time . I am a low-life cheater and a perfectionist. I would not play the shit-graphic game like mobile game ps4 etc. I can't play game without shit cheat or no cheat . I alway use 2 or more cheats in one game to get the best feeling . But for r6s DC is enough. This world isn't real.Your mind makes it real. The pursuit of your lifetime is a joke . You are dreaming but u never realize it . You can get satisfaction in dream. You can get satisfaction in "real world". You can get satisfaction in game with cheat . if u go outside and kill one .What should u pay for it???? That's the reason of why i use the cheat .It's cheap right???? If u have free time go to see this film "The matrix".
  17. superpower

    fov 360 Psilent aim insta-snap aim invisible noclip 3D rader Bullet teleport it means u can teleport to where u shot god mode super speed auto wall visible check auto fire auto zoom no gravity teleport the enemy to u fly mode magic bullet IN R6S
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  19. If you find that it is worth your time and the game gets bigger, I think Islands of Nyne would be a really cool game to have a cheat for.
  20. Introduce yourself!

  21. bullet curve!!!!! and spider!
  22. What game(s) would you like us to make cheats for next?

  23. Sugg. Marketplace on DC

    i like the idead
  24. Introduce yourself!

  25. Introduce yourself!

    Welcome James the banker.
  26. Introduce yourself!

    My name is James, I work at a bank and I live in West Canada. I play almost all kinds of games. My favorite are FPS and Grand Strategy. I play a lot of video games because people suck IRL and the internet is my god.
  27. RIP Discord

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